Valley of the Whispering Hill

For your information:

This is a very difficult time for me to write VICK’S collection profile since I am going through a shattering and depressing moment along with the entire nation; therefore, I am lost at words to describe this collection. As you may know, each time I write the collection’s profile, I need a lot of positive energy and sincerity in my writing- so this time it will just be a straight forward description instead.

Collection: Valley of the Whispering Hill

Inspiration: Originally, the inspiration came from my journey to Salvation Mountain in the desert in Colorado, USA. The mountain is charmingly colourful and powerful. It was built by only one man over a span of 30 years. Everything is created out of his love and devotion for God. The artist’s name is Leonard Knight. He spent time living out of an old pick-up truck and created this piece in a vast empty desert.

All of the colours used are through the perspective of a brownish purple sunglasses lens – so every tone came out not as vivid as the real art piece.

Since I love handiwork, this collection will include some special items using a unique patchwork technique by Parn Chanaradee Chatrakul Na Ayudhya (Juli Baker and Summer), a new generation artist. The items are available in a limited number only.

“God is love.”
“Love is…”



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