FUROSHIKI Wrapping. One of our favorite thing.

Wrap your picnic bag in FUROSHIKI style Be prepared for your next outing

SHIZUKU FUKURO (Deep shape carry wrap)

black min
The sounds of laughter, from children at play;
the humming of bees on a warm summer day.
The awaited enjoyment, a kitchen smell brings,
are reminders, of some of my favorite things!
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black min
Though a distant church clock chiming, is in its way,
a timely reminder how quickly passes the day,
when joined by a peal of church bells,it brings
a pleasant addition to my list of favorite things.
black minP-3
black min

BIN TSUTSUMI (Bottle carry wrap)

black min
Whilst the list compiled here, is but a few
of my favorite things – both old and new!
Each and every day lived to the full, brings
more to add to my list of favorite things.
black min
black min
With Life much enjoyed, my end holds no fear,
for Life remains a pleasure, that grows ever dear.
Every morning on waking, as my heart sings,
it tops the list of my favorite things!
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