AW 2015


One day on a farm, a young boy said to the old lady who was sewing laced embroidered placemats ‘I wonder what it is that makes this farm such a happy place?’ The old lady replied with a smile and then pointed to the barn at the far end and said “there will be a homecoming party for the farmer’s daughter tomorrow night, would you like to come and help arrange it?” He nodded in agreement.

5.00 AM
A stableman dressed in black fitted high-waist jeans and a plaid shirt with silver buttons, grooms each of the horse’s mane and tail shiny to impress all of the guests of the party.

6.30 AM
As the young boy walks around the farm he hears loud noises of birds chirping and ducks quacking as they talk among themselves near the vegetable plot. Close by the farmer’s wife knits from a magenta yarn to make long sleeve shirt to match with her favorite pair of denim shorts.

8.00 AM
The sun has risen, and golden specs of sun fill the sky. Farm workers dressed in shorts and dark grey flannel shirts start organizing for the party.

11.00 AM
The farmer’s wife dressed in a thin brown plaid shirt and a fringe midi skirt with delicate lace details brings out bread and cheese for the farm workers while they arrange for the party. She also feeds the birds, ducks and rabbits that are cheering the farm workers as they work.

03.30 PM
A pig invites her friends; squirrels and cows “I want to invite all of you to a party at the farmer’s house tonight. I am sure there will be great food that all of us can enjoy!”

05.00 PM
The farmer and his youngest daughter just got back from market with fresh grains and golden duck eggs for their neighbour.

18.30 PM
As the sun sets, crickets chirp and the party begins. As guest arrives dressed in a midi plaid fringe skirt and a white lace collared shirt and some wearing thin light purple open shoulder tops under a cream linen dungaree skirt, wine and a variety of farmed cooked dishes were served.

21.30 PM
The party guest together with the pigs and the horses all, sit in a circle listening to the story, watching the stars that shined bright through the farmhouse’s window in until everyone fell off asleep.

The morale of the story is that when we give, we receive.

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